Australian Brittany Pedigree Database

Preserving the past, for the future 

This database is primarily made up of of Australian Brittany’s; it contains our Australian dogs, traced back to the original 4 imports and their ancestors plus related dogs from all over the world. I have set it up so that the pedigree's of Brittany's in Australia can be easily traced online.It will  enable us to accurately trace the breed origins and can be a tool to use for line chasing, breeding queries and simply for history sake.
It is freely available on the internet for all to use.
You are able to look at a 10 generation pedigree for a particular dog if details have been made available, as well as a family tree chart, siblings, half siblings, and descendants, it is possible to ‘walk’ through a dogs pedigree as far back as I can find dogs to add to the database.
The database has the ability to host photos of each dog but the photos I have so far are limited. So if you have a photo of a dog I would love to add it to the database.
What I do always need are more pedigrees!!
This way the information can be manually checked for spelling, parentage, registration numbers etc. Handwritten pedigrees aren’t always accurate so I much prefer official ones, but if that’s all you have I don’t mind, send it anyway.

  This site is also home to my own dogs

Bomschell Brittany's


The Three Amigo's

 Bomschell litter born 29th December 2014 

Bomschell litter born 14th March 2016  


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