The Australian Brittany Pedigree Database.

Preserving the past, for the future.

Welcome to the Australian Brittany Pedigree Database!

I started this project in 2013 when I was looking into the history behind my own dogs and realized there were limited records to be found. Playing pedigree detective soon had me hooked! The database has grown steadily and now has over 25000 dogs in it and is growing daily.

It is primarily made up of Australian Brittany’s; it contains our Australian dogs, traced back to the original 4 imports and their ancestors plus related dogs from all over the world, including the earliest known registered dogs in France. I have set it up so that the pedigrees of Brittany’s in Australia can be easily traced online. It enables you to accurately trace the breed origins and can be a tool to use for line chasing, breeding queries and simply for history’s sake. 

You are able to look at a 10-generation pedigree for a particular dog if details have been made available, as well as a family tree chart, siblings, half siblings, and descendants, it is possible to ‘walk’ through a dogs pedigree as far back as I can find dogs to add to the database.

Contributions of pedigrees of Brittany’s/ Epagneul Bretons bred in all countries and of all lines are welcome and photos of any dogs are appreciated. I am slowly adding coloured marks to trace genetic disorders and other useful information such as bobtail gene, sable gene plus others.

It is freely available on the internet for all to use and without advertising. It is owned and maintained by me. All dogs are verified and added by hand, but mistakes do exist and I am constantly attempting to verify dogs as I go.

To contribute information/ photos contact me at

If you would like to help or say thanks, donations are always needed and very much appreciated. The database is entirely funded by me and your contribution goes towards research, annual registration reports and IT support